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 Blk is a holding company focused on the North American manufacturing marketplace (electronics, medical, and industrial products).  Our mission is to fertilize Companies and Brands for growth in North America through cross pollination in synergistic markets.  We have adopted a shared overhead operational strategy that keeps the cost down for our businesses.  Selling through 140+ Industrial Distributor partners from Canada to Mexico, and interfacing on a technical level directly with our customer/end users.  We are able to lower the threshold limit to profitability for our Companies and Build strong brands.

Our company plans to grow through investment in its existing holdings and acquisitions, as follows:

  • Leveraging it's existing products to increase market share and maximize profit;

  • Adding products that can be sold through our established Industrial distribution channel;

  • Building a wholesale distribution channel in the Automotive after market;

  • Building a distribution channel to the consumer retail market;

  • Acquisition of additional product lines that fit into our existing customer base and distribution channel, as well as into the channels we are building;

  • Acquisitions of niche companies with strong engineering foundations that can benefit from both investment, and our marketing/sales expertise.


Our vision would be to make an investment of 30% or greater, leaving the developing engineering talent in place, while we lead the charge to grow the business through our existing distribution channel and customer base.


We have been most successful working with engineering visionaries by contributing marketing and sales knowledge to their organizations.  As we look for acquisition opportunities, our goal is to attract companies operated by the engineering developers, with solid niche products, low market share, and a vision to grow. 


A key part of Blackstone Global Inc.'s mission statement is for the Companies and Brands we build, in North America, to cross pollinate across synergistic markets.  This is accomplished by selling through a consistent distribution channel and keeping a direct connection with our customers from an applications perspective. 

The Major Markets we sell to are:

  • Electronics assembly

  • Cell Phone Assembly & Repair

  • General Circuit Assembly

  • Automotive manufacturing

  • Tier Suppliers

  • Off Road Vehicle Manufacturing

  • Medical device assembly

  • Military products assembly

  • General industry: This is any industrial product that is being manufactured i.e. welding machines, robots, white goods, etc.


North America (Canada, United States, and Mexico) is a large divers area.  Their are many different cultural pockets here: Canada, New England, Mid Atlantic, The South, Midwest, Texas, Southern California, Northern California, the North West, The Mexican boarder, and the interior of Mexico are all very different places.  Each area runs at a different pace and has its own style.  While each market we are involved in is made up of different relationships the people in each region are slightly different. 


New England: We started in New England as Assembly Products which is a Manufactuers' Rep Firm focuses on the Printed Circuit Board Assembly market.  Then in 2011 we added Palmac which is a Industrial Tool Distributor.  The two Companies combined to cover most of the products assembled in New England.  This makes Blackstone a Rep Firm and Distributor for New England.

North America & Canada: Over the past 12 years we have built a strong Industrial Distribution Network (140 distributors) across the USA & Canada.  These distributors are supported by Regional Sales Managers and then our technical and administrative team back in Chelmsford, MA.

Mexico: A place unique to itself, business in Mexico is driven by relationships on the ground.  We have direct sales people in Mexico as well as long term relationships with distributors.

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