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Welcome to Blackstone Global


At Blackstone Global, we are driven by a unified purpose: to collaboratively build and pursue a well-defined and systematic path toward greatness across all our enterprises.


Shadowboards exemplify Lean principles and 5S methodology in the realm of industrial and hand tools, optimizing organization and efficiency. Our commitment to precision and confidence empowers professionals in every task


As we embrace globalization, our company is committed to forging a path toward a more sustainable future. By expanding our reach and partnerships worldwide, we aim to harness the collective power of diverse perspectives and resources to drive meaningful change and create a sustainable legacy for generations to come


Blackstone Global, a holding company in North American manufacturing (electronics, medical, and industrial products), fosters growth by cross-pollinating synergistic markets. Our shared overhead strategy, combined with partnerships with 140+ industrial distributors and direct customer interactions, enhances profitability and brand strength for our companies

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Shadow Board Manufacturer and CAD software developer.  Updating and improving the shadow board creation process

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Exclusive USA distributor of high quality Japan made sockets, socket wrenches and socket accessories.


Distributor in NY and New England for Atlas Copco tools, Cleco, Dotco etc.  services, repairs and calibrations

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Selling and supporting Asymtek, Nordson, Weller assembly machines

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Electronic Circuit


At the heart of Blackstone Global Inc.'s mission is the synergy achieved as the Companies and Brands we cultivate in North America cross-pollinate across related markets. We achieve this by maintaining a consistent distribution channel and direct customer engagement from an applications standpoint.

Aircraft Maintenance
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